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Welcome to the little Toy Store with heart!

Every sale gives back help children with Cerebral Palsy.

That's right!  LittlejToys was created to raise funds to benefit children living with cerebral palsy via the Janna Epp Bursary

Looking for Gift Ideas?

LittlejToys GIFT CARDS are a guaranteed win!

On LittlejToys Flow Rings ~

These are the coolest things ever.  Why are they not all over Facebook?

~Anonymous Adult

On LittlejToys Flow Rings ~

I am the kind of person who appreciates tactile focus toys.  This is my new favourite.


On LittlejToys Flow Rings~

It's very relaxing and calming when I'm feeling anxious.

~ Morgan 13 years old

On LittlejToys Flow Rings~

You can do cool tricks with them.

~Alexa 9 years old

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