Our Story

Because of my journey with my daughter Janna..

the Janna Epp Bursary was formed.  The bursary was made possible in cooperation with some very lovely people we'd met along the way.  Every year this partnership currently gives me the privilege to gift one recipient family a fund of $5000 to benefit their child living with cerebral palsy

Janna Epp
aka "Little j"
and Grandma

 Reading this you might think $5000 is alot of money.  Unfortunately when you consider the costs of things like equipment and therapies needed to support a good quality of life for these children and their families, it is a drop in the bucket. That said, it is a substantial enough drop to make a very positive impact in the life of one child a year (currently).

How do you choose just one?  That is difficult, not gonna lie.  The need is great and we are seeing more applicants from across Canada every year.  We keep doing it because we have a strong belief that difficult things are worth doing.  I'm incredibly grateful for my partnership with the good people at Pacific Medical Law that gives me the ability to have this kind of positive impact on one family every year.

With an eye on the growing number of applications, seeing the widespread need through the stories told by parents every year; and armed with a simple question: "What if we could help more Families?",  some magic happened and LittlejToys was born. 

Our mission: We are all about the Magic that can happen when people come together and connect through the universal power of play.   

Play Universal? 

You betcha!  Play is cross-cultural. It is its own language.  It is accessible all age groups and abilities.  It is this wonderful, magical thing that connects us to joy and to one another.

#FlowForHope and #PlayForHope

These hashtags are our attempt at building social awareness to our brand and to leverage the power of Play, Joy and Human Connection to meet our ultimate goal to help more kids with disabilities.


Thanks for reading and welcome to LittlejToys!  


Jenn @ littlejtoys